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Go beyond point A to B.

Detours are where good surprises happen.
Discover more great stops with Roadtrippers Plus.


No matter the distance, make every road trip epic.

From one tank sprints to cross-country adventures – plan them all in Roadtrippers. Whether you have 8 or 150 stops, you can make every trip yours.

"I’m planning a 60-day road trip and this app makes it so much fun and far less work! I couldn’t imagine trying to plan a trip without it now." — David M.

No more headaches.

Need an RV-friendly route? Want to avoid a jammed highway? Pick the right route for your trip and skip the scary stuff.

"If you go on even one road trip a year it’s worth it. I use it to find new and unusual stuff in my area… LOVE IT!" — Lindsey L.


The more, the merrier.

Bring your buddies along! Easily collaborate and share a more extraordinary journey with a little help from your friends.

"Fantastic! Really useful with road trips and with finding things in my city I didn't know existed. Seriously, I recommend it to everyone, I love it!" — Nick R.